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The Project has preserved:

1050 local newspaper titles
23,000 microfilm reels
10 million pages of newsprint

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Newsplan Project master negatives are being stored to international standards in a purpose-built vault in the National Library of Wales.
Newsplan Project master negatives are being stored to international standards in a purpose-built vault in the National Library of Wales.


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"Today and for the past three hundred years, the regional newspaper press in the United Kingdom has played a vital role in informing and educating the nation. By preserving unique and fragile runs of regional newspapers held in public libraries throughout the UK, the NEWSPLAN 2000 Project, supported by the regional newspaper press, is securing a rich heritage for current and future generations."
Mr Fred Johnston CBE MA, former MD and Chairman and now non-executive Director of the Johnston Press Group.

The NEWSPLAN 2000 Project, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the UK Newspaper Industry, is preserving unique and fragile collections of local newspapers held in libraries throughout the United Kingdom.

This work is enabling readers in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland to have access to historic files of local newspapers, often for the first time.

The main objectives of the Project are:

To preserve 1,700 local rare or fragile newspaper titles held in libraries and archives, universities and publishers' offices throughout the United Kingdom.

To create 30,000 archival microfilms to preservation standards.

To provide one copy of each film to the appropriate local library, without cost.

To distribute microfilm readers and reader printers for users in libraries throughout the UK, at minimal cost.

To store the master negative microfilm created by the Project to archival standards.

To catalogue each newspaper title to national and international standards.

The Project is a £7.3M initiative, with funding coming from 3 main sources:

The Heritage Lottery Fund is providing £5M in cash support.

The regional newspaper industry is providing £1.3M as cash contribution toward 'matching funding' support.

Repositories throughout the UK are providing £1M by servicing and transporting collections as an 'in-kind' contributions.


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